Full name: Nora Charlotta Lenngren

Born: 1997

Living In: Skövde

Education: Music and Production (2013-2016)

Special Facts: I have the best memory when it comes to recognizing people and faces. But unfortunately I can't remember important stuff... And the water tap always has to be on when I'm taking a dump. I've had all colours of the rainbow in my hair

What I do besides Browsing Collection: Trying to live a normal teenage life and keeping my shit together


Bass: Fender Precision, Vintage Reissued Series V96

Pedals: Bass Blogger Distortion, Digital Tuner Ibanez LU20, Blue Ann, Silence (I'll kill you!!) etc.

Endorsement: Rapunzel of Sweden, Sound & Communication, Terratag

Afraid of: Frogs

Spending a lot of money on: I don't have any money 

Always in my fridge: Ketchup and lingonberry jam 

Bad qualities: HUGE mood swingings and I curse a lot 


Food: Tacos 

Drink: Milk 

Pet: Bruno my baby dog

Band/Artists: All time low

Console: Playstation

Game: Uncharted

Color: Pink

Movie: Harry Potter 

Motto: Always be yourself.

Unless you can be a unicorn.

Then always be a unicorn.